Values-Mission-VisionThe Mission of the Boring-Damascus Community Connection is to strengthen the community in Damascus, Boring and adjoining neighborhoods by creating new and promoting existing social, educational, and service opportunities forĀ our residents and visitors.

Boring and Damascus are communities of people who have a tradition of volunteerism. While these efforts have waxed and waned over time, there are currently many organizations serving these communities. Moreover, we perceive there is room for groups to expand their influence and for new groups to form.

However, these groups are often not aware of each other and often members of the community are not aware of these groups. Additionally, many of these organizations lack the resources to share their programs and potential for success broadly with the community.

Our vision is to partner with these organizations, as well as individuals and businesses, in an effort to promote their work, aid their success, and strengthen Damascus, Boring and our surrounding communities. We will do this by fostering and developing a robust calendar of social, educational and service activities that provide frequent opportunities for our community members to gather, learn, socialize, and work together toward common goals.

We seek to accomplish our mission in three ways:

(1) Promote and increase participation in existing community programs.

We will work diligently to boost participation in existing community activities which are sponsored by individuals, businesses and organizations that we partner with. In doing so, we will garner the resources necessary to substantially increase the marketing and promotion of these events using a range of online and offline engagement tools.

(2) Actively seek community partners and develop new leaders to meet community needs.

We will evaluate the needs of our community and set priorities for the creation of new community activities. We will actively seek out existing individuals, businesses, and community organizations and foster new leaders that have the potential and/or capacity to create these opportunities for our community. And we will partner with these individuals and organizations by serving as a coordinating resource, providing assistance, and helping to identify, acquire, and connect the resources necessary for their success.

(3) Directly advance the creation of new community programs.

Where there is no individual, business or organization available to fill an identified need, we will work to directly advance the creation of new social and educational opportunities in the communities we serve.