Tobias Andersen will be directing “Other People’s Money” at Sandy Actors Theatre, Sandy, OR.

Auditions: Sat., Apr. 6 beginning at 10:00,
Call-backs: Sun., Apr.7
Rehearsals begin Sun., Apr. 28

Other People’s Money takes an even-handed approach to its main theme of corporate takeover, the predatory big-business tactics and Wall Street chicanery, and the people they harm, who can be as stubborn and infuriating as the shark they’re fighting. Current events have certainly heightened the tone of Other People’s Money.

Needed Characters:

  • William Coles – Mid-forties. Attractive, polished. President of New England Wire and Cable. Determined to rise to the top.
  • Andrew Jorgenson – Sixty-eight to seventy. Chairman of New England Wire and Cable. Kind, honorable and dedicated to tradition and his employees, rather tired from the struggle.
  • Bea Sullivan – Late sixties. Andrew’s assistant and right hand. Ever supportive, competent, but her wide grins are meant to be masking a deepening worry about the company’s future. Cast.
  • Lawrence Garfinkle – About forty. Obese, elegant, cunning New York “take-over artist” hails from the Bronx and speaks loudly and with an aggressive, acerbic attitude, getting to the point (à la New Yorkers).
  • Kate Sullivan – About thirty-five. Bea’s daughter. Attractive, sexy, very sharp, Wall Street attorney, Deals realistically with problems.