November 18, 2017 all-day
Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints
12300 SE 312th Ave
Boring, OR 97009
sheri brinkman-chris schjelderup

We are a local team of Days for Girls International. We sew-make kits of reusable feminine hygiene products to distribute to girls-women throughout the world. We are motivated by the fact that once a girl receives a kit, the school drop out rate can drop from 26%-to 2% (in some regions of Africa).

If girls-women don’t have supplies to manage their periods, they simply have to stay home. We have tasks for people who sew, and those who don’t Our volunteers work at home or at one of our quarterly Work Events.

These Events have been fun and people get swept up with the knowledge that they are directly helping girls to succeed. We are a group of people motivated to ‘make a difference- we are not affiliated with a church. Days for Girls International has a goal of reaching “every girl, everywhere by 2022”-so we need your help! The kits typically last 3yrs. Inspiring videos-more info is on the Days for Girls.org website. Contact us for info on local volunteer opportunities.

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