August 20, 2016 @ 12:30 pm – 4:30 pm
St. Paul's Lutheran Church
24510 OR-212
Damascus, OR 97089
Sheri Brinkman

DfG_Vert_IntlCome and join the movement to help girls around the word with Days for Girls International.

Days for Girls is a grassroots network of sewing volunteers who create kits of everything needed to help girls with their periods. Since it began in November 2013, more than 200,000 girls and women have received kits in over 85 nations. In many countries, women do not have access to good supplies. So when they are menstruating they must stay home from school or work. The kits provide reusable cotton pads/underwear and a simple washing method. They last on average 3 years. Girls in developing nations have a 25% chance of dropping out of school once they start their periods. Girls who have received kits have a 2% drop out rate.The kits are distributed by nonprofits, churches and service groups.

Days for Girls International has a goal that by 2022 every girl/woman in the world will have access to her choice of quality feminine hygiene.
Every girl. Every Woman. Everywhere. Period.

There are millions of girls and women going without and it will take all of us to reach all of them!

Do you want to help?

We will be having a “Sewing Party” Saturday, August 20, 12:30-4pm

People who sew and people who don’t are all welcome (we have plenty of other jobs).
If you are able, please bring: sewing machine, fabric (cotton or flannel), a package of new girls panties size 12-14-16, box of 1 gallon ziplock baggies, travel size bar of soap, washcloths.
Questions? check out: www.daysforgirls.org

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