April 14, 2018 @ 5:30 pm
Boring Brewing Co.
29300 SE Haley Rd
Boring, OR 97009

Acoustic show – Boring Brewing – 4/14 – 5:30pm

Spaces In Between is about a journey. It has a Destination where time and space seem to stand still for just a moment. If you reach this place, how you spend your time there is up to you but my advice to you is that you share it. Spaces In Between is the creative outlet for musician and producer Casey Walke from Sandy, Oregon. His songs remain emotionally true and musically ambitious. Lyrically songs tell of life, fear, heartache, and the like but his music is always pushing boundaries, never settling into a specific set of guidelines. His experimentation allows for greater expression. The notes can say things implicitly, through tone, that lyrics can not. It is a subtle medium that is used effectively by Spaces In Between.



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