September 29, 2016 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Lewis and Clark Montessori Charter School
15600 SE 232nd Dr
Damascus, OR 97089
$70/$50 Seniors

Image result for mind body spirit imagesStress is recognized as an important factor in many health problems. Today many adults are facing health challenges: heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol to name a few! Participants will learn an array of natural solutions for stress reduction from these very knowledgeable facilitators.

Learn nutrition golden nuggets in this two week section with Erin Lemon, a LCMCS parent and Nurse Care Manager for various locations of Adventist Health. Presently completing a master’s program for nursing education she brings us a wealth of information on healthy food and the positive outcomes for healthy weight and prevention of Diabetes and heart disease! You will learn what carbs and other foods will benefit your health and those carbs and foods that are determents to optimum health-the best stress reduction!

Find the answer in this three week section instructed by Robert Bassett, Certified energy and circular breath worker .You will learn about the energy that flows through all things; including your body! Discussions will encompass: Where energy/chi comes from? Where does it go? How does it flow? What are energy blocks? Why they occur and how to help them flow again! What you discover will help you to reduce stress and muscle aches in your body.

3. WHATS ALL THE BUZZ ABOUT ESSENTIAL OILS? Discover with Simona Nedeliski. Her passions for all things from nature lead her to study EO intensively for four and an half years as a wellness advocate with dỡTerra Essential Oils. The first week you will learn what is an essential oil is. How it benefits the human body and general application. In the second week you will learn some other application techniques for everyday life from the caring of the home environment to cooking in the kitchen then into the garden and beyond. It will be simple and practical with lots of good takeaway information.

In the final three weeks of the series Cece Bockensted a LCMCS teacher experienced in the art of meditation will facilitate this class about various meditation methods. Participants will be treated to pod casts from a yoga center and experience first- hand how meditation can be a benefit for improved health and stress reduction. Something many ancient societies discovered thousands of years ago!

THUR 9/29 to 12/15
No Class 10/13 & 11/24

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Use Class Name: HEA2

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