August 23, 2018 all-day
Sandy Public Library
38980 Proctor Blvd
Sandy, OR 97055
Susie Jenkins

Image result for seed saving imageWe are privileged to have Cindy Manselle teach us the ins and outs of saving seeds. Learning this ancient art will allow you to collect seeds from your garden to be saved and used in the future. The class will cover the benefits of saving seeds, bests plants for seeds, preparing seeds to save, seed storage and seed viability. In addition, Cindy will demonstrate hands-on seed fermenting, cleaning, storing and gathering.

Ms. Mansell has been a Master Gardener for 16 years. After retiring, she started Tuglywood Gardens where she has taught gardening classes for the past 10 years.

Perhaps you will be inspired to become a Master Gardener yourself someday!

This program supports the Sandy Seed Library mission : Sandy Seed Library is a free seed project committed to increasing the capacity of our community to feed itself wholesome food by means of education that fosters community resilience, self-reliance and a culture of sharing.

This program is part the the Sandy Seed Library Gardening series.